Banana Boat Rides

Are you looking for something exciting and new to do on your vacation? Why not give zooming across the crystal clear waters off Panama City Beach on one of our inflatable banana boats at try?

Pulled behind powerful jet skis, our uniquely shaped banana boats will have you hurtling over waves and racing through the surf as you splash along the beautiful coast of Panama City Beach.

With an experienced crew and professional staff, our rides are a safe and fun adventure for the whole family. Each banana boat can hold up to 6 riders, making it the perfect activity for big families and large groups. We provide the life vests and the thrill ride. All you need to do is hang on and enjoy the scenic beauty of some of the world’s most picturesque beaches and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You might even encounter one of the area’s local and friendly resident bottlenose dolphin.


Go parasailing in Panama City Beach and get a bird’s eye view of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!! Fly in the air with Paradise Watersports!

Parasailing with Paradise Watersports is the most exciting way to see Panama City Beach! Imagine yourself soaring high above the Gulf of Mexico, taking in the beauty of the beach, the water, and the sky!

You can go parasailing in Panama City Beach alone or in tandem, usually up to the Captain’s discretion, so bring your friends and family and make this a parasail ride to remember. They will be chatting about it for months!! The whole experience takes approximately 1 hour from the time you leave to the time you get back.

Have you run through your last amusement park and searched through your last shop in Panama City Beach? Are you looking for that perfect water activity that gets you out in the fresh ocean air, Florida sunshine and enjoying the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Aquatic Adventures offers paddle board rentals, perfect for individuals and families. These GUSU “softies” are designed for buoyancy and stability and can easily hold the weight of an extra passenger. Or you can load your board down with the gear you need for a fun adventure.

Paddle boards are great for sharing a relaxing family experience or having an afternoon workout. Paddleboarding is a fun and exciting sport that is becoming extremely popular in Panama City Beach.

Paddle boards allow you to easily catch a wave or cruise leisurely over the tranquil waters of St. Andrews Bay enjoying the plentiful bounty of underwater sea creatures. With a quick lesson on stance and technique from our staff, you’ll be paddling through the waves like a pro. You might even have the pleasure of one of our local wild bottlenose dolphins joining you as you explore the waters of Panama City Beach.

Deep Sea Fishing

When a fisher is on vacation, there’s nothing as fantastic as the thrill of catching the Big One in brand new waters. If your vacation will be in Panama City Beach, you probably already know that our clear, emerald waters and white quartz sands are an angler’s paradise!

With an abundance of natural and man-made reefs, there aren’t many places where you’ll find such a diverse and plentiful population of fish species.

Combine that with plenty of sunshine and year-round warm temperatures, and there’s always something in season and biting.

Organizing your own boat, license, bait, and gear is a hassle for the vacationer, which means that you are better off chartering a fishing trip with the experienced captains and crew at Team Aquatic Fishing Trips.

But why just imagine this scenario? Snorkeling tours are a great way for good swimmers to see the underwater world of Panama City Beach. With the help of our experienced crew, even a novice snorkeler can explore the water with confidence. Our guides will help you explore the grassy shallows and jetties around Shell Island.

There, you’ll see colorful tropical fish, sea stars, and perhaps a stingray or sea turtle. Of course, the Captain knows just where to find the bottlenose dolphin. So a close encounter with these gregarious mammals isn’t out of the question. We even have underwater cameras you can rent so you can share your adventure and relive the fun once you’re back home.

Sunset Cruise

Panama City Beach is known for its emerald-green water, bottlenose dolphins and breathtaking sunsets. And now Aquatic Adventures has found the perfect way to for you to experience them all at the same time.Come join us on our newest adventure – sunset snorkeling and dolphin tours!

Imagine climbing aboard our boat as the sun slips lower in the west; skimming out over the crystal clear waters of St. Andrews Bay toward Shell Island and enjoying the warmth of the tropical ocean air on your face as the Captain points out sights and areas of interest along the way.

Feel the warmth of the ocean surround you as you slip into the water and don your flippers and mask. Then, you kick out to where the bottlenose dolphins are playing in the surf. And as the sun paints the sky in golden hues of gold, orange and red, you witness two dolphins break the surface and leap gracefully in the air, knowing it’s a memory you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Water Activities

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